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Sludge De-watering

Sludge Dewatering

Sludge De-watering

Whether your needs call for temporary, seasonal or long-term sludge dewatering, we have the expertise, manpower and equipment to do the job, and do it right. We can quickly remove sludge contaminated sediment or oily wastes from pits, ponds, lagoons, industrial tanks and digesters.

Using recessed chamber filter presses and other state-of-the-art minimization equipment, we can then substantially reduce its volume and corresponding disposal costs. Decreasing sludge volume also reduces your disposal costs:

  • Our sludge dewatering experts can recommend a program to reduce the volume and corresponding costs of transportation and disposal.
  • Using mobile belt filter presses, recessed chamber filter presses, and centrifuges, we produce dry sludge cake suitable for disposal by land application or land fill.

We specialize in reducing sludge to a fraction of it original volume, shrinking your handling and disposal costs. Our modern dewatering units can be mobilized to your site.

Once our experienced technicians have removed the sludge from your pond, lagoon or industrial tank, we then dewater the sludge to meet minimum percent total solid requirements for approved disposal. The resulting material can be land-applied or disposed of in a landfill. Our sludge stabilization equipment can also be utilized to increase beneficial use and disposal options.


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